Why Hasn’t She Called Me? Five Reasons Why She Doesn’t Want a Second Date

Your first date went off without a hitch. The conversation flowed, she laughed at your jokes and you felt that all important chemistry between the both of you. You exchanged numbers and you might even have had a parting kiss. If that was a week ago and you’ve heard nothing from her since, you’re probably wondering what went so wrong. Here are five reasons that may explain why she hasn’t been in touch.

You talked too much

You may have perceived the conversation on your date to be witty and enchanting, but did it actually involve any input from your date? First dates can be nerve-racking experiences, and it’s quite common for either party to chatter away without engaging their brain. Ask yourself, ‘What do I know about this woman?’ If you can only recall basic information, such as her occupation and her home town, you probably talked about yourself for most of the evening and didn’t take enough interest in her.

You were bad-mannered

Were you on your best behavior that evening, or were you so comfortable in her company that you let your manners slip? A date is your chance to shine and sell yourself as a potential mate. If you exhibited any rudeness throughout the evening, you can bet that it didn’t go unnoticed. Did you ask her personal questions, use bad language, talk about your ex or check your cell phone at any point during the date? A woman’s opinion of a man can turn on a dime when it comes to manners.

You pushed too hard

A woman wants you to show that you’re interested whilst retaining control. She does not want a man who is needy and needs confirmation of a second date to feel secure. How did you part ways at the end of the night? Were you so cool that you came across as uninterested, or did you go in for a kiss and ask her out on a second date then and there? It’s easy to get swept away with the excitement of meeting someone you can see yourself in a relationship with, but you need to hold back and give her some space. She doesn’t want a lapdog, so stop being so eager.

She was being polite

When you go on a first date, you’re almost complete strangers. Telling a stranger what you really think of them isn’t the easiest of tasks. If there is no attraction, women will often go along with the rhythm of the date to save embarrassment. When she laughed and nodded at the right times, was she engaged in your story or was she protecting your ego? You’ll never know the true answer to this question. It’s up to you to make sure that when you next go on date, you ask her questions and draw her into conversation.

She’s been dating other people

This is 21st century dating, and it’s ruthless. The Internet has made potential dates available at the click of a button. You’re both allowed to play the field until you meet that special someone. Although you may have felt a spark that night, she may have had more of a connection with the man she went on a date with the following evening. It will leave you feeling deflated, but it happens. It could have just have easily been you who met someone else more suited to you.

It can be a jolt to your self-esteem when a woman isn’t as keen as you to go on a second date. The only way you’ll improve your dating performance is to be self-critical and hone the areas that you can control. However, if you’re reading this and still haven’t attempted to call her, make that call today. You’ll either get some much needed answers, or you’ll discover that she was waiting for you to make the first move all along.


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