Three Types of Fear and Ways to Effectively Deal with Them

Fear is a familiar feeling for most people, but few realize that there are actually three different kinds of fear: internal fear, external fear and subconscious fear. Many kinds of fear are actually quite normal, but the feeling of anxiety persists without rational cause and can lead to more serious psychological and mental issues. In order to get the right kind of treatment for your fear, you first have to know what category your fear falls into.

Internal Fear

The source of internal fear comes from within the person himself. It usually has something to do with having low self-esteem or faith in oneself. However, even though the cause comes from within, it is also external factors that usually set off feelings of internal fear in a person. Once the internal fear takes effect, it can be very difficult for someone to function normally in a typical environment.

Meditation is one of the best ways of eliminating all your insecurities and overcoming internal fear. Doing it on your own can be quite a challenge especially if you are doing it for the first time. For this reason, it is recommended that you approach a professional and ask for assistance, at least until you already know how to overcome your own fears on your own.

External Fear

The most distinguishing factor of this type of fear is that the trigger is usually something tangible or visible. In other words, there is a real cause for the fear, even if the fear itself may not seem logical to other people. Phobias fall under this category – fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of darkness, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of public places, and so on. External fear is the easiest to treat because the cause is very simple to find, thus making it also easier to find ways to overcome that fear.

Most cases of external fear result from past experiences in which something negative may have happened involving a particular object, person or event. Common treatments of external fears are hypnotherapy or some other procedure that can remove the negative memories of a person that triggers the seemingly illogical fear of certain objects.

Subconscious Fear

The causes of subconscious fear are somewhat similar to those of internal fear. The difference is that a person usually is not aware that he is suffering from subconscious fear; the fear is usually manifested in the way a person constantly feels self-doubt and experiences lack of self-confidence.

Setting targets to conquer your fears

It is unfortunate how so many people choose to live their lives in fear instead of taking the necessary steps to conquer those fears. The problem is not that these people are unable to conquer fear – there is a good chance that they actually can. The problem lies in their lack of motivation, probably because they do not realize the huge improvement that freedom from fear can have on their lives. In fact, when you are living a life without fear, you will be capable of a lot of many different things that you never even thought of before. It will also open up many windows of opportunity for you, which can lead you to a much better life.

People who are living in fear are actually living in a very small world. If you try to expand your horizons and set targets that are outside the box that you are trapped in, you will be able to shatter your fears once and for all, allowing you to live a live that is freer, happier and much more productive.


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