Rediscovering the Possibilities of Telepathy

Most people have heard about telepathy. Most have even experienced it. However, in our science-based western world, we often attribute this phenomenon to coincidence. Have you ever had a moment with a loved one when you were both thinking the same thing? You can contribute your story of coincidences to The goal of this organization is to compile individual stories into a book that will help build a better understanding of telepathic connections. All of the proceeds go to the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Telepathy can be defined as communication between minds, without the direct use of the five senses. A number of different things can be communicated, including words, ideas, thoughts, pictures, feelings, and even sensations. Tibetan’s teach that there are three modes of communication on earth including instinctual, mental, and intuitional.

The science of telepathy

The seemingly invisible world of energy is constantly being affected by our thoughts. For this reason, telepathy is very difficult to test scientifically. Tests have been carried out but they rely on testing through the use of probabilities. If something is said to have a possibility of 50% and the results show a significantly higher percentage rate, then it contributes to building scientific proof of telepathy. Of course, this needs to be done a great number of times for it to have validity.

One study by scientist Rupert Sheldrake concluded that people were able to guess who was calling them 45% of the time when the phone was ringing. This is a much higher percentage than if it relied on chance alone. Ganzfeld experiments have also had promising results. These experiments use a machine that has over a thousand odd images to select an image for test subject. The person then sends this image to another person involved in the experiment. The results showed a success rate of 35%, which is much higher than the probability rate of 25%.

Recently, quantum physics has brought the reality of the para-physical into the modern world. It has shown that everything exists as energy and that everything is intricately connected through this energy. It has proven, through scientific experiments just how powerful our consciousness is. Ultimately, it has shown that there is much more to life than what we have been led to believe.

Carl Jung spent a lot of his time trying to make sense out of so called coincidences. He actually defined the word “synchronicities” as coincidences tied to archetypes. He believed that thought patterns as well as instinctual behavior are tied to past experiences of humans as a collective and that this manifests into independent consciousness and behavior.

Uses of telepathy

Most indigenous tribes still utilize their telepathic abilities in everyday life. The Aborigines in Australia believe that all humans possess the ability to communicate telepathically. Many twins have had powerful experiences with telepathy. Many have felt a deep sense of danger when their twin is in trouble or even bodily pain in the same place as their twin is experiencing. This often occurs over extensive distances and with no explanation that our understanding of the five senses can offer.

Animals also use telepathy to communicate. They make sounds to emphasize the silent message they are sending. Shamans, or medicine men, seek out certain animals that they use as guides for spiritual healing for their community. Animals are always receiving messages that we send out, often unconsciously. My dog used to come lay her head in my lap when I was upset. Small children, who are not yet limited by certain cultural belief structures, use telepathy to communicate with family pets.

Learning telepathy

If you desire to tap into your telepathic abilities there are a couple ways to begin. It is important to keep your heart and mind open during the process. Negative beliefs can be incredibly restricting, which is why we have lost this ability in the first place. Meditation is an important first step. Once you quiet your mind, you should close your eyes and imagine the person for a while. Try to feel the love between you and the feeling of oneness together and with all that is. When you’re ready to send your message, make sure to imagine looking into their eyes.

If you want to check your results, you can set a time that the other person should expect a message from you. The realm of thought is not restricted by the barriers of space and time, so you can even send a message to someone across the world. Developing the technique can take practice. There are many layers of limitation that may need to be worked through. Using telepathic communication can be amazing and rewarding and is definitely worth the work.


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