Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich

Carl Harvey tells us ten key principles of Napoleon Hill’s in Think and Grow Rich. You can listen to the complete audio record at the bottom of this post or read the beginning part below.

Hello I’m Carl Harvey, and welcome to the 80:20 Guide to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” My intention today is to share with you ten of Napoleon Hill’s key principles in Think and Grow Rich. I love Think and Grow Rich, it’s a book I’ve read it cover to cover maybe half a dozen or more times over the past five or six years. I’ve also dabbled in different chapters here and there again and again throughout that time. I find it an incredibly profound book, it’s changed my life in many, many ways, restructured my thinking, and help create and manifest some pretty extraordinary results.

However, I do think that it’s quite old fashioned, the way it’s written, it can be quite a dense book. And given that I’ve recommended it to dozens of friends and family and only a small handful have got through it, there’s obviously something that isn’t quite resonating. Let me just state quite obviously for the record, I’m not suggesting that this is an alternative to studying Think and Grow Rich. That’s how I see Napoleon Hill’s book, it’s really a study manual, and I think Bob Proctor probably read the first book, good old Bob Proctor, probably sixty or seventy years ago and he still carries it around now. If you know Bob, you know he’s a hugely successful guy, and it goes to show that there is a huge amount of wealth hidden in that book and so you should keep studying it.

My intention here is to get you excited and enthused and to share some of my key insights, ten of them in fact, spread out throughout ten of the main chapters in the book. Really it’s just to get you excited and hopefully taking action, whether that’s to read Think and Grow Rich again, or to take some action towards your goals in your life. Because I believe those principles, although they take a lifetime to master, you can start putting them into action now and generating results almost instantly.

So with that in mind, let’s get started with the 80:20 guide to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Now principle one, which I want to talk about, is desire. Napoleon Hill goes on about the importance of having a burning desire, and really, that to me in layman’s terms, means that you’ve got to pick something. We all find it terribly hard, often, to just pick a goal and got for it, to commit. Whether we’re scared of failure, or we’re unsure of what we want, which to me is indicative of being scared of failure, refusing to settle down and pick something. We need to get hungry, we need to let our natural desire build. We all have it, we’ve all desired something. Whether it’s a meal from McDonald’s, a bit of chocolate, or someone that you’re sexually attracted to, or a job that you’ve gone for in the past, we’ve all experienced that natural desire, where you don’t have to fake your motivation, you just feel intuitively drawn towards something.

So the first key principle in Think and Grow Rich, desire, is you have to settle and pick something. My intention here is to just get you to pick something. I’m going to keep repeating. If you’re unsure of what you want, choose anything that’s slightly better than where you are now. You don’t have to have it all worked out, that’s the other thing. As I’ve told many of my friends and customers and subscribers, all you need to do is pick something that would be, to you, a little bit better than where you are now. If it gets you excited, if it gets you that feeling of authentic desire, of hunger, where you just wake up in the morning and you want to take action, then that’s it, that’s all you need. That is the energy of desire.

So if at the moment you’re stuck and you’re procrastinating and you’re frustrated, and you’re saying I don’t know what I want. It’s up to you, you need to pick something. No one is going to pick for you dude, you’ve got to write it down, decide on something, and pick it. Because at the very moment you choose something that you want, providence start to move. It’s when you start to get all the crazy good luck, the synchronicities, the coincidences. That moment of decision where you say, I want this, I’m going to commit to getting it, then you’re on your way.

Principle one, pick something, get hungry, allow yourself to get hungry.

Principle two, from Think and Grow Rich, is faith. This is incredibly important. And it comes so early long. It’s basically, faith is basically the idea of, you know what, I can have this, I can create this goal, I can manifest this. I can do it. It’s been done before, or even if it hasn’t, I believe I can do it.  It’s about knowing that your goal is out there, you know, in the quantum field somewhere, it is possible. Not saying it’s likely or it’s definitely going to happen, it’s just you start to generate a faith that actually, I could have this. I might have to do a few things, but I can fundamentally have this.

Recently, I got offered of my dream job working at a company called Mind Value, you’ve probably heard of if you’re interested in personal growth. It’s an incredibly competitive company to get into, they get something like 300 job applications for every role. You have to make like a sales video promoting yourself, a resume, you have to go through a series of 4 or 5 different interviews. It’s very tough. And for a long time, I wouldn’t let myself desire it because I feared I would fail. So it took these two steps. First of all, I woke up one day and I said, you know what, sod it. I want this, I want to work on Mind Value, I’m going to learn so much, I’m going to have an impact on over a million people, this is what I want. So that’s the authentic desire.

The second stage is developing faith. And I did that mainly through the practice of creative visualization. I just started to say in my head over and over, I can have this, I could have this job, I’d be good at it. What the thinker thinks, the prover proves. And that means whatever you think in your mind, your deeper subconscious power will find a way to prove you right. So if you say to yourself, I could never do this, it’s not for me, it’s too hard, it’s too expensive, then your subconscious mind, the deeper part of you, will find a way to make that so. Conversely, if you take the time and effort and you put the energy into change, change what you’re focusing on, saying you know I can have this job, I could reach this goal, I could do this for a living, I could meet that perfect person, I could lose weight, or whatever else your goal is, that’s when you start to develop the energy of faith. And it’s a very tangible emotion, an energy that you feel inside, this belief, you suddenly start to feel a little bit unstoppable, untouchable, and I’ll show you how to generate that over the course of this audio.

Another really profound point that Napoleon Hill makes is that, when you combine faith with effectively creative visualization, so if you imagine what you want and you combine that imagining with the emotion of faith, you communicate directly with your subconscious mind. I’ll say that again. When you combine creative visualization, imagining what you want using all of your senses… So say you want a certain job, and every day you go into your imagination and you imagine yourself doing that job. Doesn’t matter how you got there, you just imagine yourself doing it. You see what you’d see when you’re doing the job, you’d hear what you hear, you’d notice the people you work with, you’d feel the actions of working, you’d feel the experience of working there, you’d build up a sensory-rich representation, that’s creative visualization.

If you combine that with the emotion of faith, which of course you build bit by bit, brick by brick, until you build a wall over time, you generate this emotion of faith. This sense of you know what, I can have this. The beautiful thing is when you combine visualization, or when you visualize regularly, faith is almost a natural result of that. Because your subconscious mind and nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real memory and a vividly imagined one. So in other words, when you’re vividly imagining what you want again and again, your nervous system and subconscious thinks it’s real, so naturally you’re going to have faith that you can have it.

But anyhow, when you combine creative visualization with faith, it communicates directly with your subconscious mind. Now, Napoleon Hill talks a lot about different ideas. Your subconscious mind is connected to infinite intelligence, or in today’s language, perhaps the quantum field. You may be more comfortable with terms like God, or the universe, or something else entirely. But whatever it is that makes the plants grow, and helps birds know where to migrate, beats our heart and digests our food, that energy behind life… when you combine visualization of what you want with faith that you can have it, boom! You communicate directly with the subconscious, infinite intelligence, and it starts to manifest.

For extra bonus points, and this is where Napoleon Hill really gets deep, if you can combine faith with one of the strongest emotions of either love or sex, and this is his terms, if you combine that you’re going to get what you want, with the emotions of love and/or sex, that’s the instant win, that’s the jackpot. That’s when you start to manifest instantly, almost instantaneously, effortlessly. There’s something incredibly powerful about the emotion of love, or about highly-charged sexual desire. If you’ve ever been in a new relationship, you’ve perhaps experienced like me, that things just start to go your way, you’re almost riding on a cloud. Everything you want seems to come to you, because you’re glowing with this positive energy.

The good news is that you can learn, over a lifetime, I’m just getting started with this, but you can learn to feel those emotions of love and sexual energy and combine them with faith. When you do this, whatever you’re imagining will start coming to you with remarkable speed and efficiency. I’m sure if you give it a try, you’ll see.

In other words, if you can combine a strong positive emotion with faith, you’re going to start manifesting more and more and more of what you want.

So for me, to go back to the Mind Value example with that job, I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend Rebecca, I love her incredibly, and you know, obviously, I’m very sexually charged around her. So when I was applying for this Mind Value job, not only did I have this authentic desire, back to principle one. I wanted it, I was hungry, I wanted it for many reasons. I started to develop the faith that I could have it by visualizing it. I also had this strong feeling of love. When you have love in your life, you realize that you don’t need anything else so you’re not attached to the outcome. So when you’re not attached and you’re feeling the love, and you’ve got this highly charged sexual energy as well that’s within all of us, it creates this tangible field in your body, you can feel this positive energy. It’s different to usual. And that does draw to you the people, the circumstances, the ideas. It magnetizes you to your goal. You become a vibrational match for it.

So in other words, to really get started and make dramatic gains towards the life you want, you really only need to do a couple of things. First of all, you have to get desire, you have to allow yourself to get hungry. You have to put fear away and allow yourself to be drawn to what you truly want. And you’ll know when you want it because you’ll know it in your heart, you feel it in your gut. It might not make sense at a mental, logical level, you know know what you want. Secondly, find a way to develop the faith, the belief that you can have it.

Use creative visualization, it’s the fastest way that I’ve found to do it, and if at all possible, allow yourself to feel love and the energy of sex, or faith, allow yourself to feel positive energy and combine it. And that’s when whatever you’re imagining is sent directly to your subconscious mind. And then you let it go, this is the miraculous thing, you don’t need to work hard to struggle towards whatever you want. When your subconscious mind accepts your vision, which it does again, when you visualize what you want and you combine that with positive emotion and faith. Do that, boom, your subconscious gets the message, and then life just starts to get a little bit trippy. People start coming to you and offering to help, you start to get ideas and flashes of insight. We’ll get to that.

The third key principle from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is auto-suggestion. Napoleon actually called this the keystone of his philosophy. In other words, or in my terms, this is where you brainwash yourself. This is a necessary, fundamentally necessary part of success, of creating what you want. Why? Because we’ve all been brainwashed to varying degrees throughout our lives. Our parents brainwash us to see the world like they do. Our teachers brainwash us to see the world how their curriculum tells them we should. The media brainwashes us for who knows who’s agenda. We need to switch up that programming and learn to brainwash ourselves for the things we want. The principle of auto-suggestion is simply developing a healthy obsession for your dream, your goal. Again, the best way I found to use auto-suggestions is creative visualization. All auto-suggestion is, is gently and gradually changing your beliefs about life, about what’s possible for you, by your vividly imagining you having what you want. Again, your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s vividly imagined. So when you take time every single day, to vividly imagine what you want, having what you want, seeing it through your eyes, and hearing it, even smelling it if you can, tasting it, but above all feeling as if it’s yours, when you feel as if it’s yours, that is when the principle of auto-suggestion takes root.

The key to auto-suggestion is simple. It’s repetition. It takes a little bit of work. I find that a period of 15 to 20 minutes a day is ample, it has been for me and I’ve made dramatic gains towards the life that I want, particularly over the past few years. I just daydream about what I want before I go to bed. I find it very easy, it’s very non-intrusive on my day. When you’ve done everything else that you need to, and you’re about to go to sleep, just drift off into that dreamy, alpha state. Kind of like having a nap and just imagine having what you want. Imagine life is perfect.

Now based on how I used to live, and my discussions with thousands and thousands of people in the course of my business, it’s clear that most people don’t do this. They worry before they go to bed. They worry about the day tomorrow, they worry about all of the things that went wrong today, or last week, or last year, or when they were a kid. They focus on the wrong things.

On the very simplest level, we get more of what we focus on. So when we focus on all the crap in our life, we tend to attract more crap. It took me a little bit of effort to really focus on the life I want but now it’s as natural as tying my shoelaces.

Again, principle three, auto-suggestion. Every day, repetition, imagine what you want. This reprograms your subconscious mind over time, and it reprograms you at a conscious level as well. Reprogram sounds like an ugly term but it’s not. We’re all reprogramming day after day after day, it’s very natural. Your brain is malleable, in that it changes through whatever you think about most. It actually creates new neural pathways, physical changes in the brain. So although it will be a little tricky at first like starting a new exercise regime or diet, all you need to do is keep imagining what you want. Push through the comfort zone barrier and the auto-suggestion principle takes root.

And really what this does, it changes you at the very deepest possible level. You evolve into a higher being, if you like, because you’re more conscious, more positive, more focused on possibility and abundance and not on lack and things that go wrong. It’s a really cool idea, and again, the best way I know is to visualize every day just 15-20 minutes. Imagine yourself living the life that you want with as much detail as you possibly can. The subconscious mind thrives on detail. Sounds, sights, smells, tastes, emotions. Then, as Napoleon Hill says, this is the keystone. Get this and the other parts just fall into place.

To me, they’re the three biggest fundamental to Think and Grow Rich. I think if you focus on those three, you’re going to make significant advances in your life. It’d be almost impossible not to. But there are some other key principles that I like to work with.

Number four is specialized knowledge. In my layman’s terms, this is called getting good at shit, getting good at something. You learn about something that you love. Now, you have to trust yourself here. Follow your hunches, follow your intuition. Whatever you feel drawn to, usually it’s some kind of hobby or passion or interest, I’d highly recommend that you follow your desire and read or learn or consume as much information as feels right to you. Even, especially, if you don’t see the dollar signs yet.

For years, I’ve been naturally attracted to personal growth. Ever since the first personal development book was given to me, a copy of Psycho Cybernetics when I was in a very bad place, and it opened my eyes and transformed things almost instantly for me. At a small level at first, but it gave me potential, it gave me opportunity and optimism. Ever since that moment, I’ve been naturally drawn towards personal growth. I’ve consumed hundreds of books and courses, I started going to seminars, I got fascinated with things like NLP, and hypnosis, visualization. And I never saw it from a monetary perspective, I just followed my passion.

But over time, because I was so passionate about it, I started to accumulate specialized knowledge. I started to be able to identify key principles in all of the teachings. Things that all of the teachers were saying in different ways, and I started to see a pattern, almost a matrix underneath. And I started to teach my friends and family, and then slowly but surely, it went from being a hobby and something I was passionate about, to something where I was in demand. People wanted me to run training sessions, or they wanted me to be a coach to them and offer advice. And then, the long story short, is I got an idea to start a business. And I started writing articles, sharing my knowledge and what I’d learned and my passion freely,  and then found a way to monetize it.



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