Is Weight Gain Causing You Grief?

No woman wants to add unneeded pounds to her body, but those pounds just seem to creep up anyways. While there is no perfect formula that applies to all women, there are some common rules every woman can be vigilant about.

As women age, their metabolisms most often slow down. Less food is needed by an adult woman than by a growing teen. Woman need to be vigilant about choosing foods that are healthy, but to eat all foods in moderation. Even healthy foods contain calories and more is not better. High calorie foods with low nutritional value should be kept to a minimum. This might include pop, alcoholic beverages, crackers, chips, cookies, cakes, candy, and so forth

Reading dietary food plans and keeping a food diary can be helpful for some women. Women over forty, or women with specific health issues, should search for the guidelines that best address their specific challenges. In many cases, women are surprised by just how little food the guidelines reveal they should be eating, compared to what they have been eating. The information in food guidelines can be the “wake-up” call women need to hear.

In today’s society there’s little scarcity of delectable foods. Many women will admit they find it hard to resist the aroma, taste, and beauty of food. Just seeing photos of food can become a significant eating trigger. It may be important for some women to turn away from food commercials, resist eating out where aromas are strong, and to avoid window-shopping where tempting treats are sold.

For many women, food is comforting. Some women use it as a reward or a pick-me-up. Food is also a regular part of entertaining, and a woman can be assured she will be offered food at most every social gathering she participates in. It’s easy to become caught up in a web of over-indulgence since such a large part of life is linked to food.

Since women do most of the meal preparation and grocery shopping for their family, they’re regularly put into the center of temptation. Putting limits on food interactions is necessary for most women if they are to stave off extra weight.

How to Win

Knowledge is power, so it is important to adopt these principles in order to have the power to fight weight gain:

1) Most metabolisms slow down over time. That means you need to lower your food intake and increase movement over time.

2) Food will be a continued challenge. It’s important to put safeguards in place and know your triggers.

3) You will often be challenged to forgo your exercise plan. It will be important to recognize potential intrusions and commit to your routines. If interrupted, get back on plan as soon as possible.

4) Plan your menus in advance and stick to them. Don’t let the rest of the family tempt you with high calorie foods or drinks, especially when you’re not hungry or thirsty. Water is the best beverage to have.

5) Be aware of how the eating habits of other family members can tempt you into eating when you don’t need to. Just seeing someone else eat, or hearing them crunch through potato chips, and the like, might be all that’s needed to reel you in.

6) After eating, record how you feel both physically and emotionally. For instance, cut your restaurant meal in half and take the other half home. Then record how you felt after eating only half. Were you hungry still? Were you satisfied? You might find that not only do you feel full, but that you’re glad you don’t feel over-stuffed. You might also feel proud of yourself for eating moderately.

7) Take note of any stomach cramping from certain foods. It may indicate food intolerance which can lead to other problems. Food intolerances can cause a person to feel unwell and to turn to more food for sedation, which only compounds the problem.

8) Wait for hunger pangs to arrive before eating. Eat because you’re hungry not just because you like the taste of food. Listen to your stomach.

9) Don’t get caught in a cycle of preventative eating – that is, eating in advance so you won’t be hungry later, or so that you won’t have a low blood sugar reaction. Instead, keep handy snacks available should you need them.

10) Don’t wait too long to eat. Doing so can cause you to you to overcompensate by overeating.

Workouts are good for all over fitness and toning, including exercising the heart muscle and encouraging good blood circulation. Do a few rapid movements now and then like jumping on the spot, swinging your arms quickly, or lifting hand weights to challenge your metabolism.

Every woman needs to remain vigilant about fighting back against a slowing metabolism and resultant weight gain. The worse thing a woman can do is become discouraged by the scale numbers and stop working out or turn to food for comfort. No matter if she gets the results she wants or not, she should have a “do it anyway” attitude. That means, no matter if the scales budge or not, a woman should continue to work out and stay on her eating plan.

Fighting the bulge as you age is no easy task. It takes awareness, planning, consistent effort, and continuous tweaking of the plan in order to stay healthy and in shape


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