He Is Perfect, Now Hold onto Him – How to Avoid Early-Stage Relationship Traps

You’ve found a fantastic new man and what’s even better is that he is happy to call you his girlfriend. You’ve moved on from casual dating and headlong into a genuine relationship. Your relationship is still in its infancy but you are excited and looking ahead to the future. How can you ensure that everything goes to plan and that this becomes your dream relationship? How do you keep him smitten with you and not looking out for the next Mrs. Right? If you want to keep him love-struck, here are some tips on early-stage relationship traps to avoid.

Don’t be too clingy

Although you may want to spend every waking minute with your new man, it is important to remember that he needs his space. He needs to spend time with his friends, have a night in alone playing video games or whatever else he enjoys doing on his own. Don’t pester him or make him feel guilty for wanting a little ‘me’ time. You should also avoid asking him too many questions about what he’s been up to when you’ve been apart. Of course a simple, ‘What did you get up to today?’ is great, but when it becomes, ‘Who did you talk to in the office canteen?’ it can intimidate your man and push him away. You do not need to know every little aspect of his day.

Don’t say ‘I love you’ too soon

Whether you have been ‘in love’ previous to your new relationship or not, many women can get carried away with the first flushes of romance in a new relationship. If you tell him that you love him too early in the relationship, he will either feel awkward because he doesn’t love you back, or he will possibly feel that he has to fulfil your expectations. That’s a heavy burden and one which may scare him off. Give the relationship time to develop and you will find the right time to tell him that you love him.

Don’t involve him in everything

Your new man has his interests and hobbies and you have yours. If you have wildly different interests, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is doomed because you have nothing in common. Don’t try to involve him in activities that you like to do if he clearly has no desire to partake in them. He does not need to be involved in every aspect of your life to make the relationship work. When you spend time doing the things you love separately, it gives you more to chat about when you are together.

Don’t forget your friends

Distancing yourself from your friends is not intentional, but it is very damaging to both parties. You can easily find yourself spending more and more time at his place and less and less time hanging out with your girlfriends. Your friends will start to feel neglected and before long, they’re not around for you anymore and all you’re left with is your boyfriend. This doesn’t make for a very healthy or interesting relationship when your love and care all stems from the man in your life. When he is responsible for the bulk of your emotional support, it can be very stressful and demanding for him. Although he’s always on your mind and you want to be with him every day, spending time with friends and sharing your excitement about your relationship is a wonderful experience. Your friends will also be there for you during the bad times. You only have a certain amount of free time each week, so try to plan ahead as much as possible so that you can divide your time up between your friends and boyfriend without missing anyone out.

If you feel that your new man could be ‘the one’ you should do your very best to keep your new relationship alive. If you think that he’s the greatest guy that you’ve ever met, don’t get caught in the trap of smothering him with your love and attention. Take care of yourself and take things slowly and your relationship will blossom into everything that you dreamed it could be.


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