Guide to Insomnia and How to Get Relief

What is insomnia?

One of the most common conditions that contributes to illness is insomnia. Insomnia is defined as having difficulty sleeping or staying asleep. You will know you are experiencing insomnia if you cannot sleep or tend to wake up every hour or so. Another common sign of this condition is if you can only sleep when you are very tired. If you cannot achieve a good night’s sleep to adequately function at your best in the morning, you should learn how to relieve this condition.

What are the causes of insomnia?

There are many factors that can affect how you sleep. However, the most common causes of insomnia are anxiety and stress. Feelings of anxiety can stem from work, home, and family life. A student who is worried about passing an examination may not be able to sleep well. A mother who is worried about her son who has not come home yet may find it difficult to get adequate sleep.

Stress is also a major cause of insomnia. For instance, an individual may have difficulty sleeping because of the scent of laundry products used on bed sheets and pillowcases. Another example that may cause insomnia is when someone hears the beeping sound from an electronic device. These are examples of simple stress factors which can lead to experiencing insomnia.

How to relieve insomnia?

There are various ways to prevent insomnia:

Avoid coffee in the afternoon. Drinking coffee in the afternoon will only help increase the effects of insomnia. Although the effects of coffee usually last only a few hours, the caffeine found in coffee still remains in your system long afterwards. It is advisable not to drink any coffee after lunch.

Schedule your workouts in the morning. If you go to the gym in the afternoon, you may be releasing too much adrenaline into your system which prevents you from getting the much needed sleep you need. Try scheduling your workouts in the early morning so your adrenaline level can return to normal by the afternoon.

Avoid alcohol after dinner. You may think that alcohol will do the trick to help you sleep, but it does not. It actually prevents you from achieving a deep sleep which the body needs. In addition, drinking alcohol will not help you feel refreshed in the morning. Since alcohol is a known diuretic, it does not help to wake up in the middle of a good slumber just to empty your bladder.

What are the natural ways to relieve insomnia?

Establish a routine. Setting a specific time to go to bed helps to program the body clock. Once a routine of sleeping at a specific time has been established, sleep will come naturally.

Avoid bringing work to bed. If you are used to bringing work home, do not perform any type of work in your bed. The need to clean up work materials before you can go to sleep is enough to get rid of any drowsiness you may be feeling.

Why do you need sleep?

Sleep is one of the most important needs of the human body. Without sleep, the brain will not be able to function well. If left untreated, lack of sufficient sleep will eventually lead to a disruption in the normal functioning of your body systems. It is vital to make sure you get enough sleep to avoid a weakened immune system which can lead to more serious illnesses.


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