Design Your Own Dreams

How wonderful would it be to be a pilot, famous artist or superhero? And how about visiting Mars and build your own palace there? You might think that it’s not possible to go through all these experiences, but actually it is. Thanks to the concept of lucid dreaming, in which people are aware of the fact that they are dreaming, you are able to choose your own identity and do whatever you want. You can completely design your dream however you want it to be. At one night you may feel like being a pop star, and at the other night you might want to explore the Earth as an exotic bird. But how do you acquire the skill of lucid dreaming?

Step 1 – Remembering Your Dream

First, it is important to memorize your dreams. After all, what’s the point of designing your dreams when you don’t remember them the next day? Plus, you need to remember whether you have achieved lucid dreaming, else you keep practicing for nothing. If you succeed in remembering at least one dream each night, then you are ready for lucid dreaming. But don’t worry if you don’t meet this standard yet, because memorizing your dreams is something that you can actually learn.

One way to do so is by keeping a dream journal. Make sure to have it next to your bed, so that you can make notations right after you wake up. Even if you don’t remember much, it is still wise to just take your pen and start writing. Usually more memories appear when you force your brain to think deep. Don’t you have time to write a full story in the early morning? Then it’s wise to just put down some keywords that you can work out later that day.

An additional way to remember your dreams is by meditating for about ten minutes before you go to sleep. This will clear your mind and make more space for memories obtained during dreaming.

Step 2 – Obtaining Self-Consciousness in a Dream

Now you know how to remember your dreams. But how can you completely design them and experience whatever you want? To reach this goal, you first need to obtain self-consciousness in a dream. In other words, you need to be aware of the fact that you are dreaming.

This can be achieved by performing so-called reality checks. During the day, ask yourself regularly whether you are dreaming or not. By making this a habit, you will automatically also ask yourself this question when you are really dreaming. But how can you convince yourself that it’s a dream and not reality? There are several ways to do so.

First, you could check the time and look at a clock. Is it impossible to read the time efficiently? Or are there some numbers missing? Then you are most likely dreaming. Another reality check is reading a newspaper or magazine. Texts are not constant in a dream, they do change often. After reading, look away for a short moment and then look back and read again. Did the text change? Then it’s a dream. Additionally, you can also try to close your nose and mouth at the same time. If you are still able to breathe, then you are definitely not in reality.

These exercises are crucial to achieving the lucid phase in a dream. If you practice these kinds of reality checks regularly during the day, then you will eventually also do them in your dreams.

Step 3 – Maintaining Self-Consciousness in a Dream

Now that you know how to obtain self-consciousness, it is time to learn how to maintain it. First of all, when you have reached self-awareness during a dream, it is very important to remain calm. Don’t get too excited, because then you might lose control and return to an ordinary dream again.

Secondly, stay active. Don’t just stand there and be surprised about your achievement, but rather engage in an activity. Else you might lose your self-consciousness quickly. So fly a plane, drive a sports car or dance on stage. The world is yours, literally!

Thirdly, try to focus your attention on a stable object. Look at your hands or the ground whenever you feel yourself slipping away out of the dream.

Last but not least, whenever you feel your self-awareness reducing, try to hold on to an object and tell yourself that you want to stay in this dream. Don’t let go and keep saying that you don’t want to leave.

Step 4 – Remain Patient

The main problem of people who try to achieve lucid dreaming is that they often drop out after a few attempts. It is not something that you can master within one day. You really have to try over and over again. Even if you don’t see results within the first week, keep trying. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up! Some people succeed already the second time they try, but others have to make forty attempts before they can be lucid in a dream. It doesn’t matter. Once you’re there, it will be worth it.

If you follow all these steps carefully and stick to them, then you will most likely learn to master lucid dreaming. Remember to meditate a few minutes before sleeping, and to keep writing down your dreams. Do not forget to do some reality checks throughout the day, be consequent! Once you achieve self-consciousness in a dream, try to hold on to it and keep telling yourself that you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming.

Soon you will be able to explore your own fantasy. You can try to bring world piece, or you can build your own space shuttle and discover new planets. There won’t be any limits and you will experience things that you could have only (passively) dreamed of.




  1. nicolas

    November 30, 2016 at 06:01

    i have not tried this yet but i know it sounds very believable anyways but you didn’t tell us how to control what our dreams are cause i want to dream about me hitting a 3 pointer in the last second of a game winning shot from the buzzer in the NBA but besides that i rate it a 8.9/10.

  2. nicolas

    November 30, 2016 at 06:08

    but it was a great time to spend on reading this no sarcasm really interesting i have 13 viruses in my computer and this popped up!!!ya


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