10 Realistic Yet Easy Ways to Get Healthy

Being healthy is something that most people want for themselves. But with so much information available, how is a person who may not know the basics of becoming healthy to do? Here are some basic and easy ways to help point someone who is looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle in the right direction. This is not a fad diet. Results will take time but feeling better takes time. After all, it took time to get unhealthy. The effort is very easy. It simply requires making a conscious decision to take baby steps necessary towards better health.

1) Understand that making a change to be healthy is a process. It takes time. But this doesn’t mean that it has to be difficult. Developing a specific goal plan and tracking progress is paramount. By tracking, it is easy to see the progress even if it is not seen in the mirror yet. This is the motivation needed to keep going and to not give up. A half pound of weight loss will not show in the mirror, but seeing it on a tracker lets a person know that progress is indeed being made. Eventually results will be seen in the mirror. Tracking progress can be done in a variety of ways. There are apps for any electronic device that work very well. However a simple pen and paper will do. There are also paper logs and journals that can be purchased or printed.

2) Another key component to being healthy is proper diet. Yet too many people are looking for rocket speed results and neglect adjusting the mindset of improper eating habits. By removing one unhealthy item from the diet one at a time and replacing it with a healthier option, this gives the mind a chance to adjust. Sometimes it can take time for the palate to adjust to healthy foods, especially if eating improperly has been done for several years. Once the healthier new food or drink is actually delicious, remove another item and do the same thing. Eventually the unhealthy diet choices will be replaced by healthy choices and will be actually preferred.

3) Eating acceptable portions of food is not only good for weight loss but for healthy weight management. It really is okay to push the plate away when feeling satisfied. Many people have learned to keep eating until they are full. Others may feel like they are being wasteful and feel guilty if they don not finish everything on their plate. This way of thinking is what prevents many people from eating acceptable portions of food. Also, keep in mind that plate sizes can vary. In America, the average dinner plate can be 2 inches larger than dinner plates in other countries. This is something to consider since most people load their plate based on the plate size and not their stomach size.

4) Water is vital and no healthy lifestyle is complete without at least 8 glasses each day. Drinking water before a meal helps control appetite. This helps with portion control which also helps in losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Water also helps to flush impurities from the body assisting it to receive the nutrients from healthier foods. Another benefit to drinking adequate amounts of water is that it helps to improve skin tone and texture leaving it glowing, clear and smooth.

5) Replace smoking with vaping. Millions of people have made the switch to vaping and e-cigarettes. The carcinogens of tobacco smoke are removed, yet the nicotine, in whichever strength is preferred, remains. This is the perfect alternative to smoking. As the person is ready, nicotine levels can be gradually lowered or even removed, although it is not necessary. There are thousands of delicious flavors to choose from and it is relatively inexpensive. Vape shops are not like smoke shops in that they usually only deal with vaping products and e-juices. The variety of e-cigarettes and mods are almost endless so there’s something for nearly everyone.

6) Sleep, while being very important to being healthy, is quite often neglected. Being caught up in every day activities and responsibilities can mean going to bed long after the body is ready to rest or waking up before the body is ready. The body suffers by expending what little energy is available trying to maintain all the functions necessary to get through the day. This in turn can lead to a slowing in metabolism, mood changes, difficulty in concentrating just to name a few. If allowed the opportunity, try taking a short nap. Also, go to bed an hour earlier. It may take a little while to get used to going to bed earlier at first but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. As health improves, less sleep will be needed.

7) Exercise is one of those dirty words that people don’t like to hear. However exercise does not need to be unpleasant at all. There are a lot of activities for every kind of lifestyle. Just like selecting clothing is a personal choice, finding the best exercise depends on the person’s individuality and fitness level. Exercise burns calories, raises metabolism and releases endorphins which are great mood boosters. Exercise can be in the form walking or hiking, dancing, sports, gardening or any other activity that gets the body moving. It does not need to be in a gym if that is not preferred nor practical, however the staff at a gym is informed and can offer great advice to help someone meet their health goals.

8) Supplementation is often neglected when trying to get healthy. However, due to poor eating habits, adequate nutritional needs, important to being healthy, are rarely met. Supplementation is a great way to help make up for improper eating habits. A simple multi-vitamin, when taken consistently, can help. Because getting healthy is a process, the results will take a week or two before feeling the results. It is well worth the patience. Feeling the benefits of supplementation can be subtle but are mostly noticed when stopped. So don’t give up on them.

9) When people think of being healthy, they may think of images of a perfect physique. But what about the mind? Because the mind is part of the body, it too needs to be cared for. Nurturing is just as important in being healthy. Caring for plants, animals or volunteering is a way to care for another living thing or person. It helps bring to mind that there are others that need love and care. This in turn reduces stress and can bring about a sense of peace and connection to nature and the community. The lowered stress levels can bring about better moods and the motivation needed to not give up.

10) The peace of mind that comes with meditation or prayer also has positive effects on health. Lowering blood pressure through meditation can reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure medication. Be sure to check with a physician before coming off of any prescribed medication. Reducing stress through meditation means there is less likelihood of overeating when stressed. When eating habits are under control and greater peace of mind is achieved, a better general feeling of health helps motivate one into taking more baby steps towards better health.

Because being healthy is a lifestyle, understand that there is no rush. There are no magic formulas to obtain instant results. Being healthy simply requires making a decision then taking the proper steps one at a time. People all over are making changes in their lives towards better health. Not only is it possible it is a decision that has never been met with regret.


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